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Tips and Tricks

-Plan your storage space. Place items you may need to access often at the front.

-Stack heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Be sure to label boxes on all four sides.

-Put TV’s and other electronics at the rear of the unit.

-Use empty dresser drawers to store smaller items.

-Remove table legs when possible to save space.

-Stand couches on their arm to save floor space. Their cushions can be wrapped together and stored seperately.

-Support mattreses when they are on their side to stop them from bowing or becoming lumpy.

-Use shelving to help organize items and to take advantage of the height of your unit.

-Be sure to stack boxes all the way to the ceiling.

-Use lots of paper and bubble wrap to protect fragile items.

-Cover items not in boxes to keep them free from dust.

-Never store anything combustable in your unit!

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